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bigloo 09:35 PM 06-22-2009

If you remeber a while back I looked into different brand lighters thats looked identical to more expensive lighters and concluded that many brands such as vector are not better then other chinese brands. One of the lighters I picked up was made by Jobon (see lighter below). The first link is to a retail store, the second link is to ebay where they can be had cheap. I am not affiliated with either site BTW. I have fallen in love with this lighter. I love lighting from a flame and having the single torch for touch-ups. I have just ordered more of these to have around. I also found a cheezy youtube review, link below too. Final link is for the vector Dupla (MSRP of $45). These things are identical and available from higher end retailers too for $40 to $45. Anyway, no flaming, I know Ronson jetlites are the best ever, but for those who want to spend $5 more bucks and have something unique and versatile, here you go.
bigloo 09:39 PM 06-22-2009
PS, I have never paid more then $9.90 shipped. So if you see someone has bid on a lighter, choose another color/day.