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dubnick 04:42 PM 06-20-2009
Hey there, looking for some help... Did a search and came up empty.

Since I fell down this extremely slippery slope, I've ran out of room in my two desktops and cooler. I have an old, decent sized, mini fridge that seized up a while ago.

I was thinking of thawing it out and attempting to season it. I store my sticks in the basement, so I don't need any cooling.

Has anyone ever done this, and if not, do you think it will work? What would you recommend for humidification, beads or some type of device, such as an oasis?

Thanks for any help,
mikeyj23 05:01 PM 06-20-2009
I use one - when turned off, it's exactly the same as a cooler. I have 3 pounds of Shilala's beads in there and it's rock solid on humidity. I didn't "season" at all since I only have boxes in there - they'll keep their own humidity just fine with the beads in there.

I would make sure you clean it really well before using it as a humi, and then make sure that any cleaning chemicals are thoroughly rinsed off/out before putting sticks in it. I think an Oasis or other active humidification device is really unnecessary since it's a sealed environment - there won't be any humidity entering or exiting until you open the door. Cabinet humidors have a lot more give and take so the active humidification is necessary. A few beads should do the job more than adequately.
dubnick 05:11 PM 06-20-2009
Thanks so much for the help.

I'm looking to store boxes mostly, but way thinking about building a slide out singles tray. I should still be ok with beads, right??
Savor the Stick 05:38 PM 06-20-2009
Yup! I would have a good Hydrometer(salt tested) to keep an eye on things.

The wood of the boxes is a good holder of humility. :-)
Actually wood of any sort hold Humility....But Spanish cedar has a good give and take of moisture exchange...with out warping too much.

dubnick 05:44 PM 06-20-2009
Nice, guess it's time to order more beads
shilala 05:47 PM 06-20-2009
Ya gotta plug the drain, if it has one, and I'm sure it does. All fridges do.
If not, it's like drilling a hole in your desktop. :-)
dubnick 05:48 PM 06-20-2009
Cool. Thanks Scott.

And PM Inbound