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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Companies that Make Thermoelectric Coolers?
acarr 11:57 PM 05-31-2009
What companies make thermoelectric coolers that you could install into a cabinet? Are there any model suggestions?
Old Sailor 10:40 PM 06-09-2009
Not sure, but checkout Ron's place at
RGD. 03:23 PM 06-13-2009
Electra Cool will have everything that you need. Call and talk to them if need be to make sure with your cabinet size, etc etc.

BORIStheBLADE 08:50 PM 06-13-2009
Another option

scroll to the bottom where they have "Self Contained Cooling Systems"
Wharf Rat 09:46 PM 06-13-2009
How much info do you want? Try:
groogs 10:55 PM 06-14-2009
You can order the coolers from Bob at Aristocrat, as well as Avallo humidors. I am pretty sure they use Peltier units, but I am not positive.