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hikari 09:57 PM 06-28-2020
Hey guys,
Just wonder how you guys are storing/organizing your single sticks?

I have been organizing by brand and smoked, etc..
However, I thought of how stacked or touching bare sticks close to each other aging my be affected.

Now I'm playing with the idea of organizing by wrapper type.

What are you guys doing, thoughts, comments pics?

The Poet 10:33 PM 06-28-2020
Me, I'm a simple man, and organize them by the ones I have not smoked and those I have. :-)
mosesbotbol 07:22 AM 06-29-2020
Use wax paper to divide or keep your groups of cigars next to each other. You can wrap them in wax paper with a rubber band around them as well.
Brlesq 08:21 AM 06-29-2020
Mostly I keep mine grouped by brand so I can find things easier, but I also have 2 drawers dedicated solely to "short smokes" and lanceros in which all brands are just mixed together. There is no affect with sticks of different tobacco types touching each other, but certainly infused cigars should be kept in their own special area by themselves.
longknocker 09:30 AM 06-29-2020
I Usually Keep Connecticut Wrappers Together, Maduro Together, And Infused Sticks Separate (If You Really Smoke These).:-):-). I Don't Mind Sticks Touching Each Other. Leave The Cellophane On, IMHO.:-)
The Poet 10:31 AM 06-29-2020
Wax paper on, wax paper off.
icehog3 10:37 AM 06-29-2020
Thomas is demonstrating how to disorganize a thread. :-)
The Poet 10:43 AM 06-29-2020
Hey, just being honest - and me. :-)
NCRadioMan 12:36 PM 06-29-2020
I have no method. I throw them all together so when I go digging, I find a gem I forgot I had.
hikari 12:46 PM 06-29-2020

Yeah I've been smoking for over 15 years now and have never worried.
And honestly not that I am worried just never thought much of it.
But doing a rebuild makes you think up new things :-)

- I do keep cellophane on when it's there
- @longknocker : this was my thinking this time around keeping like wrappers in the same trays
- @mosesbotbol : Wax paper never thought of it, will have to keep that in the back of my head.
Snook 01:23 PM 06-29-2020
I have two small desktop humidors for cigars that I want to smoke soon. One for NC and the other for CC. All other cigars are stored in tupperdors. Toros and bigger go in one, coronas and smaller go in another. Boxes are stored in coolerdor.
SSDVC 01:33 PM 06-29-2020
Not an expert, but I don't think contact between cigars will affect anything, save for the afore mentioned infused or flavored versions. Keep those in a separate container.

I was just thinking, isn't the cellophane that use use to encase cigars permeable? I believe wax paper is also permeable, so there use for isolation is, well, futile. Or, I could be wrong.
Havanaaddict 02:04 PM 06-29-2020
I keep all cigars in there org. boxes, all singles are kept in single, 3 fingers and 5 finger bags!!!
Wharf Rat 03:17 PM 06-29-2020
I’ve got a coolerdor for my everyday cigars and another for the more expensive ones I only smoke on weekends. Most are either in their original boxes or in a used box labeled with masking tape. Some singles or 5 packs end up in plastic baskets that originally held fresh strawberries.

It ain’t elegant, but that’s the good thing about coolerdors - hey ain’t meant to be judged on aesthetics!
CigarNut 10:47 AM 07-01-2020
I put my boxes, finger bags and singles wherever they fit best — either in my cooler, my 300-count desktop humidor, or my two larger travel humidors.

When I need a stick, I go hunting — and it’s kind of fun :-)