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hikari 06:21 PM 06-24-2020
Hey guys,

I am coming back into things.
I was thinking about the other day.
I have my goto cigar boxes, My aging boxes

With the pandemic here and not many other cigar smokers around me regularly.

I was thinking, are their any good cigar subscription services.
Something I can throw a few dollars and get cigars once a month to taste and see what's new out there.

I am reluctant to try any of these subscriptions as the fear is they will just send junk.

What have you guys found? Any things worth it.
4WheelVFR 07:44 PM 06-24-2020
Small Batch Cigar has a COTM Club that gets really good reviews. Might want to check it out. I've never done the subscription myself, but I've always had good experiences with Small Batch.
Snook 10:39 PM 06-24-2020
+1 on the small batch club. I'm also on the cigar fed monthly club and I've been pleased so far with their unique stuff.
icehog3 10:07 AM 06-25-2020
Small Batch Club seems like one of the best to me as well. I'd wait until they have openings in the 2nd or 3rd tier, they open up fairly often.
hikari 09:58 PM 06-27-2020
Thanks, guys.

I qued up to be notified at Small Batch Club.
So many out there old and new. From Privada Cigar Club to Stogiebird