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Jokes>I rewrote a Beatles song
RevSmoke 01:58 PM 05-09-2019
I love to dabble with songs, I do parodies of them when a topic strikes me. This one has sat around a long time. It was written when my boys were younger and they had a school picnic day. At the supper table it was tough to keep the tablecloth from fluttering. This is what I wrote:

The Flat(ulent)ch Man
by, Todd Jerabek

to the tune of the Beatles The Tax Man

As food works in digestive tract,
He cannot help but produce gas.
...cause... CHORUS: ... he's the flatch man,oh, he’s the flatch man..

Give him baked beans he’ll eat them all,
And later still he’ll clear the hall.
...cause... CHORUS

German sausage mit sauerkraut,
Will surely make his buttocks shout.
...cause... CHORUS

A crowded room he’ll violate,
When gaseous fumes from him escape.
...cause... CHORUS

When forced too hard to flatulate,
A greasy stain will permeate,
… cause… CHORUS

When gas mixes with open flame,
Burning pants seams will water tame,
…cause… CHORUS

When gas he tries to slowly leak,
His nickname now is thunder cheeks,
…cause… CHORUS

Courteousness and common sense,
Would be to leave till gas is spent,
...not for the flatch man,
..oh, oh, he’s the flatch man...
The Poet 06:15 PM 05-09-2019
Tio Gato 06:49 PM 05-09-2019
Todd, that's too funny! :-)

Thomas, thanks for the blast from the past! A classic!:-)