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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Dupont X-Tend gas leak repair
spectrrr 01:20 PM 01-16-2017
Had to put my X-Tend lighter in storage for 4 years while in south america, wasnt willing to risk customs stealing it. I emptied out the gas first to keep it from getting funky and gunky.
Now i'm trying to fill it up for the first time in 4 years, and it's leaking gas at the fill nozzle. Lights good, runs good, just leaks empty in 30 seconds.
Question of the day -- Has anyone taken these apart before? is that something I shouldnt have too much difficulty repairing myself, or, is the only option to send it in to dupont for servicing?
AdamJoshua 02:00 PM 01-16-2017
If it's the seals it might make sense to have the company refurbish it, the cost ranges wildly based on the model and work to be done, I think the last time I checked for my Gold Ligne 2 it was about 200 bucks.
Wharf Rat 05:09 PM 01-16-2017
There are some how to videos on YouTube you could check out. At a minimum, you need some jeweler size tools.
spectrrr 06:21 PM 01-16-2017
Update: I called dupont's authorized service center in Rhode Island.
They said they don't service the X-tend model (discontinued parts), and offered me to exchange it for a new lighter for $100.
(she also spouted some stuff off about small parts and too hard to service, they just change the whole tank assembly, when they could still get the parts in)

(history note: some years back Dupont discontinued the made in France xtend models and introduced a very similar looking made in China Maxijet model)

Now, I'm rather attached to this lighter, not a new one.
Nothing to lose, out comes the screwdriver...

"small internal parts" uhhhh huhhhhhhh :-)

Turns out the lighter is pretty simple, and not at all small.
unscrewed the leaking valve part, but couldn't get the little valve tube any further apart to directly service the o-ring.

Plan B - squirted some WD40 on the the fill valve nozzle (again, nothing to lose here) and worked it in good. give it time to air out and dry.
then with the nozzle still off the lighter and gripped in a pair of pliers, ran some butane through it to blow it out.

Re-assembled, filled, no more leaking lighter!!
Of course, time will tell wether any of the wd40 gets into the flame nozzle and clogs it, I'm hoping not.
But had nothing to lose. So far, so good!
AdamJoshua 07:00 PM 01-16-2017
Nice job, Francis.

That's odd I seem to recall that St. D would fix ANY lighter up to and including manufacturing new individual parts. I suppose they still would if someone had a 20,000 dollar light from 60 years ago and had the money for that type of repair.
icehog3 10:10 PM 01-16-2017
Success! :-)