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shepherdaway 06:25 PM 05-16-2019
I have (like many of you I'm sure) a varied collection of ash trays. Ceramic and the like I received with some orders but a couple I routinely get comments on and contain a bit of "bad Assery" (ya, that's a word) are below. These are great when you have friends over or if you want to add a bit more testosterone to the Man Cave, I recommend these:

1st - Ironwood Cigar Tray (Find it here)

This is a cool solid ironwood is hand-crafted into a formidable cigar tray. What makes this unique piece so special is the innate ironwood shapes and ring pattern designs ingrained into each piece of wood.
10"w x 4 3/4"d x 2 1/2"h. It will look great on any desk or man cave. I have to say it can make a statement initially when people see it and for the love of Zeusious Maximus, its pretty cool.


2nd - CAO Flathead Metal Ashtray (4-Finger) (find it here) but I routinely see them on CB for lower (got mine for about $30 on CB) This thing is a beast and the photos on the InterWeb don't do it all. Its a robust almost iron ashtray. Although not completely solid it has some weight to it, holds 4 cigars and resembles a engine manifold or better yet a Harley Flat Head engine (thus the name "Flat Head Cigar).

Either of these two are worth the $, add some cool points in any room. If you're looking for a cool ash tray, try them out.

Porch Dweller 09:03 PM 05-16-2019
That ironwood ashtray is beautiful. My father does some serious woodworking so I appreciate the craftsmanship.
shepherdaway 09:40 PM 05-16-2019
Agree, the picture doesn't do it justice. The grain is beautiful.