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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Salvaging old/dry cigars?
shopkins82 09:12 AM 08-02-2013
Today when I walk in the office there's an old-ish canister humidor sitting on my desk with a note from my boss that reads:
"These are OLD but maybe rescue-able?".
I open up the canister and there are a handful off CCs including 3 Monticristos, one Cohiba, a La Gloria Cubana, a Padron, and a handful I didn't recognize. They are all pretty dry, but I don't see any large cracks, mold, or other major damage. The La Gloria has a notable curve to it, I assume from sitting upright in the canister for quite awhile. I'm thinking the fact that these were in an air-tight canister and not some leaky unattended to wood humidor means there MIGHT be a chance at saving them? There was also a 20-pack of Davidoff cigarillos, but I'm guessing these may not be worth the effort of trying to do much with.

For today I've cleaned out the canister humidor they came in and put them back in there along with a spare 72% BOVEDA pack I had laying around. Beyond this, what steps and durations would you recommend for trying to re-humidify and revive these sticks? I'm assuming this is going to take several (6-12?) months but, since these just fell into my lap, I have no problem tossing them in a drawer and letting them soak it up with a little attention from time to time to ensure they are getting what they need.

AdamJoshua 09:14 AM 08-02-2013
Here are two previous threads with a TON of information for you, good luck!
mosesbotbol 11:41 AM 08-02-2013
Generally, once they are really dried out, that's it (IMO). You make them humid again, but they aren't going to taste the same. Dried out is not an absolute value, but it's not a good sign.
pektel 11:45 AM 08-02-2013
Yep, if the oils in the tobacco have dried out, that's pretty much all she wrote. But who's to say they might not still taste "good"? They might not taste like a monte, cohiba, etc. but might still be enjoyable.
shopkins82 11:48 AM 08-02-2013
I don't mind letting them sit awhile with humidification to see where they end up. I'm perfectly fine with something enjoyable, even if it's not the authentic experience these sticks might otherwise offer.
mosesbotbol 07:11 AM 08-03-2013
Originally Posted by shopkins82:
I don't mind letting them sit awhile with humidification to see where they end up.
If you want to really learn more about cigars, this is necessary. Best way to know what a dried out cigar tastes like "revived", is to do it and smoke one.

Just like holding & smoking a beetle hole'd cigar like playing a clarinet.
shilala 09:05 AM 08-03-2013
I've had a number of old and really old cigars that had dried out and were revived.
Some did very well. Some did not.
You're doing all you can do, and it's going to be a fun experiment.
Good Luck, Stephen!!! :-)