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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>2-burner torch lighter?
badbriar 08:18 PM 07-10-2013
I have single and a triple torch lighters, but want the best of both. Decided a double torch lighter is what I want. Need advice / suggestions from the members here. Single is a little weak and the triple uses way too much fuel. Want to keep cost reasonable. Ideas?...:-)
Lockspur 08:43 PM 07-10-2013
Honestly, the best 2-burner I have is the Bugatti 2002, which seems to use a similar insert as the Jetline Z-torch. So find a Zippo and buy the insert for $10.

Or wait till it comes up on the devil site.
CasaDooley 11:09 AM 07-11-2013
Check out the lighters by Xikar. They are affordable, work well and have a great no hassle life time return warranty.:-)
Zane 11:17 AM 07-11-2013
OHMatt 02:08 PM 07-11-2013
You don't have a quad yet?

I like and use cheap Chinese lighters. I have 2 Dupont Xtends in a box with dozens of other lighters. The XTends don't get used because I don't want to lose them; a lot of good they do me! At the same time I would buy another Xtend over a $50+ Colibri/Bugatti/Lotus/Jetline/Vector/Xikar which are also made in China like the cheapies.

:-) To me the lifetime warranty on lighters often made in the same factory are not worth paying 5X-10X the cost of a cheapie. I have a renowned lighter fetish :-) and can tell you there is no reliability difference between the $5 and $50 lighters.

Off my soapbox and onto your question:

I would suggest looking for a double flame made by Jobon, Honest, or Nibo.
These 3 brands always have the fit, finish, and heft of the pricey lighters. Often you will notice name brand lighters are rebadged versions from these factories.

Where to buy? Hong Kong from a vendor like,, or similar. If you have ordered 'other' things from Hong Kong, the shipping times are dramatically slower than our friend in Hong Kong. If you order a lighter today you will get it 3 weeks from now at the earliest.

I think this one fits the bill, a near clone of the $50 Xikar Element. You can get it from with brushed finish for $5.60 or gunmetal finish for $7.30. Not providing direct links, but search "dual flame" on that retailer's site and you will find it.

Don't want to shop in/wait for Hong Kong? Look at Nibo's Royal 66 for $20 from Amazon or BuyLighers
Fordman4ever 03:38 PM 07-11-2013
That Nibo looks awesome. I might have to get on of those.
MajorCaptSilly 07:40 PM 07-11-2013
I second the Nibo. I used to love the Tiger dual torch but they don't make them anymore. I still have one that's been working great for over 10 years.

shopkins82 10:31 AM 07-16-2013
I can vouch for the Honest lighter from DX pictured above. I bought is specifically for its similarity to the Xikar Element which I was coveting but couldn't justify the price. The Honest has a nice knurled black finish, though the silver is painted and not brushed. It lights 9/10 times which is MUCH more than I can say for my Xikar Eris (now only sparking 1/10 and about to go back for service). Also, the Honest logo comes off with a cloth and a dab of paint thinner without harming the black finish, so you can easily get a nice sterile look without much effort.