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RevSmoke 02:05 PM 07-30-2020
Cigar #2 reveal and my review.

El Rey del Mundo Robusto Larga

I have been smoking the little brother to this cigar, the Robusto, since it was first released – I preferred shorter cigars back then, and again now. I have occasionally delved into this larger size, and it is truly very similar to the robusto, just a longer version. What is truly amazing is that this particular smoke has remained consistent in flavor, aroma, etc… for all these years.

1) Aesthetics: I truly love the tissue-wrapped presentation to this cigar, it just looks elegant with the gold and red band over the white tissue. Removing the tissue finds a dark chocolate, veiny, maduro wrapper with a slightly sloppy cap.

2) Pre-light Construction: This is a consistently firm cigar. When cut, the draw was nicely free and open, with hints of sweetness on the pre-light draw. When nosing the foot, rich tobacco with hints of nutmeg seemed to come through.

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: Upon lighting, the easy draw brought forth large volumes of thick smoke, keeping a straight burn line, and producing a white ash.

4) Flavor and strength: I remember these for the exquisite hints of chocolate, I mean, rich chocolate and coffee. This was very reminiscent of that, there were hints of chocolate and coffee, rich tobacco, and slight spice. I find it interesting that in this present incarnation, I also found ephemeral hints of green tea. This is definitely not a full-bodied smoke, more on the milder side of medium.

5) Aftertaste/Finish: With each exhale, there were hints of spice and cocoa that clung fleetingly on the palate.

6) Aroma: Again, side-slip aroma was of chocolate, cocoa, and coffee.

7) General Comments: Of the many cigars I have returned to from the past, this is one of the few that transports me back in time to when I first smoke them. That is amazing!

8) Recommendation: While I like these, and recommend them highly, the contemporary smoker should not expect a full-bodied smoke. Of course, every cigar should be smoked and enjoyed for its own merits. Pick one up with an open mind and be surprised by the enjoyment you will find.
RevSmoke 02:09 PM 07-30-2020
Conch Republican's review:

1) Aesthetics: Bling stick #2...a Maduro toro-ish size. Cut is fine; no real odor noted, draw is effortless

2) Pre-light Construction: See above

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked:

4a) Flavor and strength – 1st 1/3: Post light, cigar seems very mild; good construction, nice burn, nice white ash. There is an unpleasant aftertaste - but I may also not be awake :-) Unpleasant is a strong word...I am pairing this with my morning coffee, it seems to have changed and we are only into the 1st inch. Less unpleasant after taste, the ash is starkly white - with the offset of the Maduro wrapper. Burn is still ok...the aftertaste is a bit bitter, but not horrible - then again my 1st 2 conference calls are the same today

4b) Flavor and strength – 2nd 1/3: ok, just starting the 2nd 1/3 of the cigar...There is still an odd aftertaste...almost like when ginger ale bubbles on your tongue. Again not horrible, but I typically do not smoke NC's so this is a very different journey for my 3 taste buds. Still on the mild-medium side for me. Not much change either way

4c) Flavor and strength – Last 1/3: Entering the last 1/3; construction is still good, getting a bit stronger, and a little more of a chemical taste to the cigar. Unknown if I will make it to nub status yet... A bit more ammonia on the retrohale - this is not bad, but if DBall were reviewing, he would likely pair this cigar with a glass of bleach
Down to the nub, less ammonia - which is surprising. Stronger than the start and middle.

5) Aftertaste/Finish:
6) Aroma:
7) General Comments:
8) Recommendation: Overall a decent mild to Medium cigar. As I said in previous reviews - everyone should try every cigar.