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RevSmoke 10:54 PM 05-25-2020
601 Green (Oscuro) Corona
5x42 (?)

This is a cigar given to me by Michael, gomeitsmybday.

1) Aesthetics: A nice triple cap shows the roller’s finish to this dark chocolate wrapped vitola. While the band is “gold” finished on green (Go! Pack! Go!) it is actually a simple band, but subtly sophisticated. It is not the smooth wrapper, nor smooth cigar, but it is a tempter, saying, “Smoke me!”

2) Pre-light Construction: Decent weight and solidly rolled. I pray it is loose enough to smoke easily. It has the smell of aroma of the barnyard, with some cocoa hints.

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: It burned evenly, holding a rather wimpy white ash, drawing fairly easily.

4) Flavor and strength: There are hints of cocoa, heavy cream, with hints of sugar seem to begin, these seem to fade and a musty woodsy-ness comes to the fore with hints of spice. As it neared the end, a bitterness would not be purged making me nub this earlier than normal.

5) Aftertaste/Finish: Hints of burnt, bitter, coffee linger on the palate for a little bit.

6) Aroma: Sweet creaminess seems to predominate.

7) General Comments: Given that I only smoked one of these, I do not want to disparage these too greatly. There is usually a clunker or two in every box of cigars, and this might have been the one in this box.