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Tredegar 09:15 PM 05-21-2020
I am having a harder and harder time finding NCs that are less than 50 ring gauge. So i was cruising CIs big list and saw this line of smokes and noticed they had a size I wanted. The cigar was a robusto fino and it was a 5x46 smoke. When i got it I instantly wanted to try one, it looked that good. The color of the wrapper was a medium brown with no really noticeable veins. Taking off the cellophane i was instantly hit with a strong tobacco an leather scent. This is significant since I lost most of my sense of smell a while ago and can rarely smell anything coming from a cigar. Lighting up was a breeze and burn was perfect. Flavors were good and it gained a little spice towards the end. A fiver costs 31 and they are worth every penny. I just added another go to cigar to my list. Mind you I am pretty picky on what I smoke and this really impressed me.
Porch Dweller 07:03 AM 05-22-2020
Those are pretty tasty smokes.
AdamJoshua 07:21 AM 05-22-2020
My first cigar box purchase was a box of Nat Sherman Timeless No2. They weren't bad but I was only smoking cigars for a couple weeks before Pnoon invited me to a S.H.I.T. herf which not only ended my NC days it started a whole new life for me.
hammondc 11:29 AM 05-22-2020
Are you looking for a petite corona size? I agree with you. The jawbreaker sizes seem to be get more prevalent. I really don't like much over 50RG other than an occasional belicoso.