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RevSmoke 07:57 PM 05-11-2020
Caldwell Long Live the King - Manzanita
42 x 4 Petit Corona

1) Aesthetics: The nomenclature 42x4 already screams that the young king enthroned on the band is making some new rules…we rebel against his authority and complain, “get with the program, it is 4x42, get it right." But then he does! What a beautiful, oily, Colorado Maduro (for those who came to cigars post 1990s, that is a reddish, milk chocolate color) wrapper lovingly embraces this diminutive monarch, with a nicely placed cap, finished off with a slight pigtail. While his crown is too big for his head, is it indicative of his reign, will it overwhelm him? Does he have the flavor and strength to stand up to the respect and honor that he requests of his subjects?

2) Pre-light Construction: This firm stick seems to be evenly filled, even as the bunch-press lines are plainly evident. It offers up lush aromas of coffee, cocoa, and (surprise) rich tobacco.

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: While a couple runs appeared requiring a few touch-ups, it held a grey ash for a good inch and a half.

4) Flavor and strength: This minute monarch usurps his reign with initial bold flavors, and then subdues himself with some white pepper, hazelnut, slight sweetness (molasses?), and pecan flavors. It smokes nicely with some complexity as the flavors compete with one another for dominance, even a slight metallic twang makes a slight appearance.

5) Aftertaste/Finish: Slight nuttiness and spice, but it fades quickly.

6) Aroma: Wow, I can snork this and not think I need to sneeze. I liked the nuttiness and a white pepper and sweetness.

7) General Comments: I am glad I have a box of these, I think they will age micely.

8) Recommendation: I think you would enjoy these, give them a shot. It is nice to have a short smoke, about ˝ hour’s worth.
icehog3 08:58 AM 05-12-2020
Todd, I haven't done any other sizes of the LLtK except the Heater. How does this compare profile-wise? Thanks for another great review. :-)
RevSmoke 12:57 PM 05-12-2020
Originally Posted by icehog3:
Todd, I haven't done any other sizes of the LLtK except the Heater. How does this compare profile-wise? Thanks for another great review. :-)
If I remember correctly, I could not "snork" the Heater without my eyes watering up, so this was different in that regard. I think flavors are very similar, but if I might say it, this smaller size seemed to intensify them a bit, if that is possible? I think that the larger ring gauge allowed them to be more "lost-in-the-shuffle", if that sounds right.

Just my :-)...

I only had 1 of the Heater, so it is tough to do a true comparison.

Hope this helps.

Peace of the Lord be with you.
icehog3 12:58 PM 05-12-2020
Thanks Todd.... Imma grab a fiver of the Manzanitas today. :-)