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RevSmoke 05:58 PM 04-04-2020
Southern Draw Kudzu Axil Lancero

Got this as part of an exchange package from Gomeitsmybday. So again, not having more than one to review, I am only giving my commentary, no scores.

1) Aesthetics: I am a sucker for a box-pressed cigar, add a little pig-tail head, a closed foot, and seal that all in a panatela/lancer size – done deal! And then you add the words “Soli Deo Gloria” (to God alone be the glory) on the band, and I give this a full blown 5. Now, add to this the fact that it was a very smooth, oily, beautiful maduro wrapper. A double band encircled it, and the colors harmonized nicely with the wrapper.

2) Pre-light Construction: Nicely rolled, solid, and I was a bit worried that it might be a difficult draw.

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: Well, there were no draw issues. It kept a decent burn line, and the white ash held determinedly for a good couple inches before needing to be coaxed off. You always worry about narrow ring smokes getting a little warm in the mouth, maybe I expected that and was temperate as I smoke it (not usually one of my character traits while smoking), or it simply didn’t happen.

4) Flavor and strength: Complexity wasn’t a strong point here as it remained pretty consistent throughout, but it was a very enjoyable consistency – predominantly cocoa and coffee, hints of citrus, and a bit of spice/pepper that tingles the back of the mouth.

5) Aftertaste/Finish: I expected a longer finish, but that’s OK. Light earthiness was the focal point.

6) Aroma: Here is where chocolate notes seemed to hold sway, but in an earthy way.

7) General Comments: If looks can sell cigars, this is a serious winner – but it is also a tasty smoke.

8) Recommendation: I will look for these, and if they are in my price range, I will pick up some.
The Poet 06:45 PM 04-04-2020
Nice review, Todd. Thanks. And anyone who sets fire to kudzu is fine with me.
gomeitsmybday 09:01 PM 04-04-2020
Hey!! That was a great review Todd - fair & accurate imho.

I really enjoy the Kudzu blend, I agree @ Thomas, very rich & flavorful. I think I might prefer it in a slightly larger ring gauge (have really been enjoying it in the robusto vitola lately) but the Axil/lancero is great too, and really a heck of a lot of fun to smoke.

There is a really interesting sweetness that occasionally comes to the forefront, particularly in the larger gauges...i believe that might be the citrus note you were picking up there Todd. I really think Southern Draw has some unique profiles that set them apart from your average cigar and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future.

So happy to see that you enjoyed the cigar though Todd, I'm looking forward to smoking some more of yours from the trade again soon! :-)
icehog3 10:53 AM 04-05-2020
Thanks for the great review, Todd. The Rose of Sharon is the only SD I've had to this point, looks like I might broaden my horizons soon.