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Jokes>Wife in a coma
cmitch 10:46 AM 12-01-2020
Man's wife was in a coma for over a year. One day the nurse was cleaning her up and ran the sponge across her private area and she let out a moan. She got excited and got the doctor. Nurse repeated what she did and woman let out another moan. Excited, the doctor called the husband and explained he needed him down there now.
Man arrives and doctor tells him, I think you need to have oral sex with your wife. It might wake her up. The man replied, "Really?"
Doc said, "Really."

So the man pulled the curtains and the nurse and doctor waited.

Suddenly, the monitor started beeping and her respiration and heart flat lined. They rushed in and yelled, "What happened?"

The man replied, "I think she choked."
markem 11:31 AM 12-01-2020
massphatness 12:06 PM 12-01-2020
Legit. No gag reflex when they're in a coma.
icehog3 03:33 PM 12-01-2020
:-) :-)
retired 05:28 PM 12-01-2020
My wife got a good laff outta that too!
heyferg 09:44 PM 12-01-2020