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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Free puck with ECCJ subscription
SUOrangeGuy 01:40 AM 05-03-2009
I subscribed to ECCJ over the winter and have received my first issue. Its a great magazine. To all others who have a subscription when did you get the free Puck that was part of the deal?
SmokinCozy 01:59 AM 05-03-2009
How do you subscribe? The best I could find was to send a email.
SUOrangeGuy 02:21 AM 05-03-2009
N2Advnture 06:32 AM 05-03-2009
PM coming :-)
eber 09:56 AM 05-03-2009
I was wondering this as well, as I am going to subscribe, also can you choose between a 65% or a 70%?
SUOrangeGuy 10:05 AM 05-03-2009
From what I've learned ECCJ got ahead of themselves but Mark is taking care of me anyway. Thanks for being a breat BOTL!