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borndead1 03:41 PM 12-23-2018
Ran across these while browsing Cigar Bid. They are a Peruvian puro. I found that interesting, so I grabbed a fiver.

6 X 50. Nice looking medium brown wrapper. Good construction and draw.

First few draws...a sort of mushroomy flavor in the nostrils with a grassy finish.

About 1" in...grass and mushroom flavors are subsiding, which is a good thing because I was about to pitch the cigar. A woodsy sort of flavor has taken the place of the mushroom flavor. Still a hint of grass on the finish, but not too bad.

About 2" in...woodsy and straight tobacco flavors dominate. The cigar is somewhat mild. Perfect burn.

About halfway...similar flavors, with a bit of a floral note coming in on the finish. The aroma coming from the foot as I type is pleasant.

A little past halfway...the cigar seems to be getting milder, which I'm not thrilled about because it started out mild. The flavor is nice (floral flavor increasing a bit) but it's definitely a mild cigar.

Toward the end...getting some ammonia, so I'm tapping out.

Final thoughts...I'd be willing to try another one of these in a smaller size and with some humi time, but I'm declaring the toro a dud. :-)
AdamJoshua 03:53 PM 12-23-2018
Aren't these M.O.'s venture into the cigar world?
Tio Gato 04:25 PM 12-23-2018
Thank you Mark for the review. I put a fiver away and will let them nap for longer. These are intriguing, I'm hoping the cigar will live up to the tale.