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Don Fernando 08:19 PM 11-22-2019
Viking Valhalla Robusto. Viking is the brand of the Norwegian cigar distributor Hakon Aanonsen. His company has been distributing cigars for over two decades in Norway and previously Aanonsen owned the brands Amero, Chess and Hawk. Those brands were made by a small factory on the Dominican Republic and the project failed.

Aanonsen tried again, but this time with a new concept and a new factory. Ernesto Perez Carrillo is the manufacturer of the cigars and with the Viking brand the Norwegian heritage is celebrated. First there were the Viking, Norseman and the Nordic Warrior. Now there is a new blend, Valhalla.

Name: Viking Valhalla Robusto

Country: Dominican Republic

Factory: Tabacalera La Alianza

Size: 5◊54

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Undisclosed

Filler: Undisclosed

Price: Ä 10

Cutter: Xikar X2

Lighter: single flame

Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
Smoke time: one hour

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The ring is a tin alloy, just like on the other Viking cigars. It is just not as detailed as the other Viking rings. Black and gold, with a two-headed goat. The cigar has a small pigtail. The wrapper is deep dark brown with no visible veins. There is a medium-strong aroma. The smell is located in the animal section of the flavor wheel, horse, cow, leather, those kinds of smells.

The cold draw is a bit loose with raw tobacco flavors. Once lit cinnamon, coffee, and earth are tasted. There a faint vanilla flavor, as well as dried leaves. Quite quickly the flavors turn floral with spice, a bit harsh though and unrefined. After a third itís still a floral cigar, but with a lot of pepper and some vanilla. Still a little rough and unrefined. Halfway the cigar becomes less harsh, more balanced with some wood, pepper, spices, and grass. In the second there is a carrot flavor, raw carrots. With pepper. And the cigar turns to a wood, earth and leather flavor profile, with a little bit of pleasant chocolate. The chocolate is creamy.

The draw is quite loose and the burn had to be corrected several times. The smoke is thick and plentiful. The ash is salt and pepper colored, itís firm and dense. This cigar is medium-full, both in body and flavor. The smoke time is about an hour.

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