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jerseystepup 10:25 PM 05-16-2020
Curious if anyone has tried the newest Murcielago release... the one that AJ Fernández had a hand in. Have a fiver of these on the way.
jerseystepup 11:41 PM 05-20-2020
I guess I shall be the guinea pig here.... standby! Lol
Weelok 02:33 AM 05-21-2020
I will be curious to hear your thoughts as I love AJF cigars.
jerseystepup 01:21 PM 05-24-2020
Just had one ROTT. Phenomenal. Perfect burn, perfect draw, and solid flavor and blend like is expected from AJF/EO If your a Nicaraguan fan, you’d love this. For anyone curious, this was a toro.
lbowles2 10:33 AM 12-03-2020
We got Espinosa cigars in a while back at the shop I work at. They tend to be on the peppery side (which I love). I thought the Murcielago was very good. As stated above it burned well and was tasty.

The Espinosa's and the 601's are smoking very nice too. So glad we got them back in.