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gomeitsmybday 10:10 AM 07-06-2020
I brought some nice cigars and shared them with some old friends over the holiday at a cookout. Unsurprisingly (they were some good cigars) one of these friends has now been texting me, asking for some cigar recommendations. I sent him a couple, but now I'm thinking it would also be good to point him somewhere that can give him a good overall introduction to cigars.

So with that said, can any of you send me some links to *good* resources for newbies? When I say good, I mean something better than the typical run down 70/70 RH & humidity across the board, as we all know rh & temp is subjective. I looked around on the asylum but haven't been able to find anything comprehensive enough, yet...but then I'm often guilty of not seeing what's right in front of me lol.

Many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions offered!!!
kydsid 10:39 AM 07-06-2020
To me cigar smoking is an experience. The internet is not. It's just information. For some that may get them hooked and for this friend if that is the case, CA is a good place as there are FAQ's and lots of info to search.

But considering the experience is the rich reward that is what he needs more of. Is there a good cigar shop with a lounge nearby? Send him that way. Or keep giving him info yourself. Offer to split some cigar purchases with you so he can try new things and have his own experience.

That's the best advice I can give because I don't know of any better resource on the internet.
oldforge 11:52 AM 07-06-2020

I normally give newbie friends a sampler with different sizes, wrappers etc. to get them started. I also give them a cheap cutter and a boveda to get them started.
Wharf Rat 12:14 PM 07-06-2020
JR has some articles on their site
gomeitsmybday 09:24 PM 07-06-2020
Thanks for the suggestions guys!! I'll send that link his way, in addition, I agree - I think continuing to advise him myself and maybe make some split buys is a good idea.

Thanks again!
Mystophales 09:01 AM 07-08-2020
Whatever you do, keep him away from Cigarbid or Cigarauctioneer.

The amount of money I spent on there is