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Good Eats>Dining recommendations for Nashville, TN?
4WheelVFR 09:44 AM 01-04-2017
Hi all, just checking to see if any of my fellow asylum inmates could recommend a good place to eat in or around downtown Nashville. Looking for something geared more towards a fine dining experience. It doesn't have to be jacket and tie or anything, but I am looking for some of the best that Nashville has to offer. Thanks everyone.
hammondc 01:22 PM 01-04-2017
Not really, but get some Nashville hot chicken while you are there.
Tio Gato 01:39 PM 01-04-2017
Check If you're staying in a nice hotel ask the concierge, don't forget the tip for the info.:-)
The Poet 02:08 PM 01-04-2017
I left the town in 1977, and even back then I ate at the tasty but low-end places around Vanderbilt off Division, so I can't help you with good meals. But once you've eaten, stay away from the tourist trap of Printer's Alley and hit Exit/In instead. Great little club.
Tio Gato 03:04 PM 01-04-2017
Thomas is wise. Do avoid the tourist places. Establishments in Nashville must by law display their rating from the Board of Health for cleanliness. Maybe this info is available online, I don't know.

If you like some good country music and a cold beverage:-) check out Robert's Western World on Broadway. (around the block from the Ryman Auditorium).Very friendly family owned joint that is super clean with an "A" rating from the city.

Have a safe trip and have fun!
4WheelVFR 12:40 AM 01-05-2017
Thanks for the tips. I plan on hitting up one of the fancy places and then some bbq or fried chicken the next day. We're doing a concert the first night and if finances allow, the Hawks/Preds game the night after.