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Good Eats>New Restaurant in North Lake Tahoe
RWhisenand 11:46 AM 12-29-2015
Today I'm sitting back enjoying a well earned RASS while my wife opens our restaurant for the first time today. This has been her project since April and today we're open if only partially. If you happen to be near Tahoe Vista California and need a good hand made espresso, or in a few weeks a draft craft beer or wine and some light fare, please feel free to stop in to Global Cafe in Tahoe Vista located next to Fire Light Lodge and say hi!
Dave128 11:47 AM 12-29-2015
Congratulations and good luck! :-)
markem 12:48 PM 12-29-2015
Congratulations and best wishes!
AdamJoshua 12:54 PM 12-29-2015
Best of luck to you and your wife, Rob and a big congratulations!

Edit: Oh and where's the smoking section :-)
pnoon 12:58 PM 12-29-2015
Congrats. And best of luck, Rob.
Porch Dweller 01:27 PM 12-29-2015
Good luck in your endeavor!
CigarNut 01:29 PM 12-29-2015
Congratulations and Good Luck!
Skywalker 06:03 PM 12-29-2015
RWhisenand 06:35 PM 12-29-2015
Thanks for the wishes all!

As for a smoking section, well we do have a patio with Great Lake views, so a closed party herf has been discussed among the owners for sure!
hudd 11:35 PM 12-29-2015
Coffee, beer, wine, a little something to eat. Sounds good to me. Good luck
hotreds 07:30 AM 12-30-2015
Congratulations! Tahoe is on my bucket list. Wish it were a little closer to Vegas!
Weelok 07:55 AM 12-30-2015
Espresso and beer ahhh, adult nectar.