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WinnipegCigarGuy 12:50 PM 09-12-2015
Hey gang,

So I have plans to build convert a 6-bottle wooden wine case into a humidor... I have looked around at some designs and tips but based on the pics you guys are posting I think I may need thicker Spanish cedar for the lining.

Some people online suggest 1/4" but this seems very thin, and certainly thinner than the shelves/trays some of you have.

I have found some 1/4", but not enough (have to wait for next shipment). But if I was to buy some 2" boards, what thickness should they split into? 1/2"? 3/8"? Pretty sure I have access to a band saw.

Also, how to build the trays? Glue? Wood seems too thin to nail/screw.

I have decided to not do a hygrometer that is visible from the outside, for convenience and so that I don't need to worry about it breaking and not being easy to replace.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Wharf Rat 05:51 PM 09-12-2015
WinnipegCigarGuy 10:57 AM 09-14-2015
Wasn't much of an answer regarding measurements, but thanks.
bobarian 11:40 AM 09-14-2015
1/4" is fine for lining. Its not like its structural. The shelves in my VInotemp are also made of 1/4"x4". Cigars are quite light. You can build trays if you want but with a humidor that small they take up space. You can just use leftover boxes but that's up to you. :-)
WinnipegCigarGuy 11:58 AM 09-14-2015
The space could be an issue if I go down the tray route. I like the idea of the air flow around the shelves/trays, but boxes aren't a bad idea.

Chainsaw13 12:08 PM 09-14-2015
How big is a 6 bottle wine case? I wouldn't think it's that big to be concerned with airflow. I have 2, 120qt coolers with all my stuff in them. I leave everything boxed and don't have any issues.