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SSDVC 09:21 AM 03-30-2015
So, stupid me, I volunteered for a stint over in Afghanistan. I'll be gone until the beginning of 2016 and Ive been here since early February.

No big deal, but my question is this. I have an EDGESTAR 28 bottle winedor and I am wondering if I should have my wife do anything to it while I am gone. It's got about 200 sticks in it, cedar drawers and about 5lbs of beads.

I think the winedor is fairly well seasoned. Will my stock be OK if no one disturbs or opens her up? I would have my brother look after the stock of sticks, but I know I won't have any left when I get back, so I don't want to tell him to have a look every once in a while:-). He downs 3-5 sticks a day and is always over borrowing from my small humi (which I should have brought with me).

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Dave128 09:40 AM 03-30-2015
I have nothing of substance to add to this thread accept...Thank you for your service, Scott. :-)
icehog3 09:55 AM 03-30-2015
Maybe just have her check your hygrometer every couple weeks to see if your beads need adjusting?

Thank you for your Service, Scott. :-)
AdamJoshua 09:56 AM 03-30-2015
Stay safe, Scott.
shilala 10:03 AM 03-30-2015
Scott, I think I'd put the sticks in ziplock bags, throw in a boveda pack (or not), and throw them back in the Winador. Then I wouldn't give them another thought till I get home.

Watch your six, my man. :-)
SSDVC 10:06 AM 03-30-2015
She is a smart woman (aren't they all) but she won't doing anything that requires a lot of effort when it comes to my cigars, trust me. Think it would be OK, if the hydrometer indicates low, that she put a little dish of distilled water in the center of the winedor?

Thanks !
SSDVC 10:08 AM 03-30-2015
Scott, too late for that, I'm already over here in the land of fun and sun (lucky I brought my flip flops and suntan oil with me). I am stuck with the winedor the way I, unfortunately, left it.
shilala 10:08 AM 03-30-2015
Totally forgot that, brother.
I'd still rather err on the side of them getting dry than getting too wet and molding up, which is what you chance if anyone messes with it.
With 5 pounds of beads in there, I can't imagine there'd be any problems.
shilala 10:13 AM 03-30-2015
As an aside, I don't know if you know we (CA Members as a group) send smokes to our troops?
If you get ahold of Adam (T.G.) or Hugh (hotreds) they may be able to get some care packages off to you.
I only say "may" because I don't know how many guys they're taking care of. But I'm pretty sure Hugh has spots open.
SSDVC 09:03 AM 03-31-2015
I appreciate that. We will attempt to take advantage, but it won't be right away. We have something we are in the middle of right now and downtime is limited for a short while. I do know you guys have been extremely kind to the troops, as my oldest son was over here in 2008-2009 and saw that generosity first hand.

I for one am grateful for the way everyone has stepped up for the troops......THANK YOU !
CigarNut 09:25 AM 03-31-2015
Thank you for your Service and stay safe!
nick2021 09:04 AM 04-04-2015
Where in Afghanistan are you at? I'm also here right now....some really GOOD cigar clubs depending on where you're at :-)
SSDVC 09:39 AM 06-25-2015
Originally Posted by nick2021:
Where in Afghanistan are you at? I'm also here right now....some really GOOD cigar clubs depending on where you're at :-)

Sorry for the late reply Nick. I'm in BAF, attached to Garrison. Joined the cigar club here. Get togethers are on Wednesdays, but there is always someone smoking a stick at Tillman !!!

I will be remote in about 2 weeks till the end of July, then I'll be back. Have just enough sticks to last until I get back !!!

Where are you?