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Sadden 08:27 AM 05-18-2013
Hello all. Im looking for twotravel humidors. (maybe 3)

5 count
20 count
40-50 count

i would like them all to match. Right now im looking at the xikar ones but i see that some people have had issues opening them due to temperature and air pressure differences. Can anyone share thier experiences?

Are there any other brands i should be looking at?
For humidity im going to get heartfelt tubes probably. I love my hcm beads but in this application i think it would be easier to go with heartfelt just for the ease of recharging.
pnoon 08:29 AM 05-18-2013
Ron at Cigar Solutions is top notch.
maninblack 09:13 AM 05-18-2013
Look at They have many different ones. Mine holds 40 and got it for $27.
CigarNut 11:04 AM 05-18-2013
Originally Posted by pnoon:
Ron at Cigar Solutions is top notch.
FUEL 11:28 AM 05-18-2013
Also consider there are really only two or three companies that make the ones you are looking for. They are just re-branded and either made in the USA or China. I have a 5 and a 10 count Xikar (made in the USA) a 10 count Casa Fuente (made in USA) 15 count orange Herfador (I think thats how its spelled got on Devils site for $15) to match my Texas Longhorns and a 60 count brief case style Herfador (made in China).

Never had an issue with any and use small Boveda packs in them. One thing I humbly suggest is to line them with cedar to help with RH balance. I just took the sheets from my Liga Privada and Undercrown boxes and used those. For the suit case one I simply took the top off an empty Opus X box and put it on the bottom and threw in a 69% RH Boveda bag with a hygro I got at the Devils Site for $15 and it works great.

I honestly can't tell the difference between the made in the USA ones vs. the made in China with the exception of the USA ones plastic being harder which I don't like compared to the China ones as the China ones have a little (very little but noticeable) give to them that absorb a drop better.

A shop in WI has coupons for 25% off all of their travel humis right now including this monster that holds around 250. Suckers insane.

Sadden 07:09 PM 05-18-2013
Looking at cigar caddys right now.
A 5 and 15 and 40 count combo would work for what i need to do.
emopunker2004 07:11 PM 05-18-2013
Remember that most are rated for Churchills I believe so if u smoke something fatter might hold less
lilninjabuddy 07:46 AM 05-19-2013
1. Use the little Boveda packs. Easier for this application.
2. The Otterbox style (Cigar Caddy/Herf-a-Dor) are just a hair smaller than the Xikar. I recommend them because I think they're more rugged, but the Zxikar can accommodate a slightly larger rh stick. I personally rarely smoke anything large than 52rg, so there's no issue the for me
3. I don't know about Xikar, but the Herfador/Cigar caddies have a little coin slot to pop open if they get pressurized.
4. Unless you're on a time crunch, watch cbid. I've gotten them around $10 every time.
dwoodward 08:01 AM 05-19-2013
I have a few 5 count herfadors and a large 40 count herfador. The 5 counts are perfectly fine with travel and air pressure differences, unless you have the strength of a wet noodle you should have no problem getting it open after a flight.

The 40 count is another story tho, after a flight I have found that thing suction cupped together so tight even the hulk couldn't open the damn thing. Luckily tho, the 40 counts (atleast mine) has a air release valve on the front of it, you twist it and air rushes in balancing the pressure. Pretty nifty.
Sadden 08:43 AM 05-19-2013
Worst case scenario one could always run them under some warm water to raise the interior pressure. Just looking around at different reviews and such right now. Got it nailed down to between the cigar caddy (otterbox is an excellent brand and ive seen nothing but poaitive reviews) and the xikar ones. i like the sizing slightly better and its a well known quality brand. Im sure i will be happy whatever way i go.

Probably wont go the boveda route. local b&m doesnt carry them. and im not a fan of being a slave and having to buy all new product every year. And i live in Canada so shipping is a pain in the ass.

I need the 40ct for when i go away for work next month. going to be gone for several weeks.

Thanks for the input guys.
kelmac07 08:48 AM 05-19-2013
CigarNut (Michael) sells two ounce bead bags that I've been using in mine for years. Fits right in one of the slots for the sticks and works like a champ. :-)
Sadden 09:16 PM 05-19-2013
Actually now that you mention it i wouldnt really need to worry about charging the hcm beads. Just throw em in my tower and let the active/passive combo keep em perfect. put em in my travel humis when needed. If i got 6 of the soft bead sticks i could have for each divider in the top shelf of my aristocrat to help keep things leveled out there. And then 1 for each level of the 3 travel humis when needed....

Gonna order a bunch of stuff tommorow. Ill post up when everything gets here.
Sadden 12:58 PM 05-21-2013
Just ordered the 5 , 15 and 40 count cigar caddys. Along with two stinky ashtrays and a xikar lighter. And six 2oz soft bead sticks from Michael.
shopkins82 08:19 AM 07-17-2013
I've been plenty happy with my 15-stick Cigar Caddy... it just made it back from Vegas along with 2 x 4-stick Black Ops cases. A buddy of mine used a 40-stick Sterilite Ultra-Latch on the same trip (his sticks, mooch sticks, and my over-flow) which worked just fine. In both we had one of the miniature Boveda packs.
shopkins82 07:46 AM 07-22-2013
I didn't realize this until recently, but Cigar Caddy is owned/manufactured by Otter Box... same folks that make the obnoxiously rugged phone cases. In fact, I think my buddy's Samsung Galaxy S3 in an Otter Box is about the same size as one of their 5-stick cases!
Sadden 12:22 PM 07-27-2013
Guess i should update this thread.


And got some Soft bead sticks from Michael , they sleep in my top drawer and when I need them they just go to the travel humi which they can keep perfect indefinitely.


Went to work for a few weeks and it worked great , the beads weren't 100% dialed in cause I had to leave a couple days before they were perfect , but they maintained RH without moving for 3 weeks.
MorganR 08:54 AM 10-12-2020
Check out this blog for a good selection of different sizes of cigar humidos Also, there are customer reviews and a direct link to buy on Amazon.
The Poet 09:02 AM 10-12-2020
Clicking a link from a newbie is akin to taking candy from strangers in these parts. No thanks.
markem 02:55 PM 10-12-2020
No soup for you!