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CdnStogie 06:04 PM 04-07-2014
Im really curious if I am having problems with my beads because I do not have enough... I have a 50 CT humi and seems as though the beads do not want to hold.... I am trying again, along with some sealing, which I feel may be my issue. I have about another day worth of waiting for my humi to season again.

I bought the large tube... 3/4" by 6" (i think those are the measurements)

first shot with them, they didn't do squat.
bobarian 07:09 PM 04-07-2014
Sounds more like a leak. Is it a solid top or glass? How long did you season before adding cigars and beads? Lastly did you calibrate your hygrometer?
CdnStogie 05:44 AM 04-08-2014
Originally Posted by bobarian:
Sounds more like a leak.
Is it a solid top or glass? Glass - I have since took aquarium sealant to the glass, hygrometer & around the seal w/ saran wrap on one side. I did not wipe down the cedar as I did when I first bought it and it has been a week now, sitting at 70% as of this morning. Is this typical if you do not wipe it down to take this long? In Canada and the RH is quite low to begin with, but we are coming out of winter now.

How long did you season before adding cigars and beads? I had it seasoning (without opening the lid or anything in that regard) for just shy of two weeks. I wiped it down twice on the first and second day, and then let a bowl of water sit in for the remainder.

Lastly did you calibrate your hygrometer?
The digital hygrometer that is built into the humidor is not adjustable which made me wonder initially so I went out and bought a Xikar hygrometer and had it calibrated (twice in 3 days) Top of the humi was reading about 67% and the bottom (it's only a 50 CT) was reading 59% My digi that is built in is off by about 2% +/-
bobarian 11:11 AM 04-08-2014
When you are done reseasoning, check the seal around the edges with a dollar bill around the edges. There should be some resistance when you pull on the bill. If you find a spot where it pulls out too easily, you can seal with small lengths of painters tape.

What type of beads are you using?
CdnStogie 11:32 AM 04-08-2014
65% Hearfelt

I am hoping I am going to bypass the painters tape method with the seal I made from the aquarium sealant.

To further your comment on the seal - after it dropped to the high 50's I then inspected the seal, as I closed the lid, i could see about a 1/8" gap along the one side of the lid. There was 'some' resistance but on the other side I could pull the humidor around.

With the aquarium sealant, I hope I resolved this issue. It looks as though it filled the space - we will see soon! :-)

In terms of the seasoning - I am 1 week in and it is at 70% I am going to assume when I get home. Will I be rushing it to take the water out and see if it holds or should I let it sit for another day or two?
CigarNut 11:55 AM 04-08-2014
I would let it sit for day or two -- or even longer. Until it holds a stable RH for at least 24 hours after removing the water/sponge/whatever you are using to season. All things related to cigars and cigar accessories require patience :-)

Just my :-)
bobarian 12:37 PM 04-08-2014
Sounds like you're getting it under control. :-)
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