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Porch Dweller 03:06 PM 04-14-2020
Originally Posted by Chainsaw13:
Ok, been busy the last few days. Got a few projects in the works.

Started another batch of hot sauce. Again using dried anchos, plus de arbols for heat. Also, carrot, onion, red bell (for fresh lacto starters) and some quasi-black garlic I had. All submerged in a 3% brine. Started it only a couple days ago and itís bubbling good already. Didnít rehydrat the anchos or de arbols. Figured the brine would do that. Iím planning to mix with some blueberry beer vinegar when itís time to process.

Today I took out my new vac sealer on a test run. Made two batches of sauerkraut, one with caraway seeds. The other is almost kimchi. Added garlic powder, Korean Chile flakes and some chives from the garden.
That all sounds so good!
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