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Good Eats>What did you have for dinner 2nite???
Anthem 01:27 PM 05-03-2009
Tonight, we're having pork chops and baked potato.
kelmac07 08:45 PM 05-03-2009
Had the new Dominos Pasta Bowls...actually pretty good!!!
Starscream 09:33 PM 05-03-2009
NY strip, baked potato, and cheese biscuits (like the ones at Red Lobster)
Cenookie 09:36 PM 05-03-2009
Had baked chicken, mashed taters and gravy, green beans, and biscuits:-).
Kwilkinson 10:24 PM 05-03-2009
Pretty good food weekend.

Friday dinner: Nice dry aged rib eye with madeira sauce, roasted red potatoes, asparagus.
Saturday Lunch: Homemade pizza w/ fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, asparagus, fresh basil, and great olive oil.
Saturday Dinner: Found a great spot for gyros in Indy. Had some great gyros in good company.
Today: Grilled an assortment of food, scallops, shrimp, chicken breast, portobello mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini, more asparagus
Starscream 08:51 PM 05-04-2009
Pesto chicken in marinara sauce over linguine noodles.
Starscream 05:02 PM 05-05-2009
2 grilled chicken breasts
2 sides of potatoes w/ gravy
1 biscuit

Grilled chicken from KFC wasn't bad. Just tasted like their fried chicken w/ out the coating.
Bruins Fan 05:24 PM 05-05-2009
Pork roast mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and briskets. I'm stuffed :-)
Steve 06:46 PM 05-05-2009
BBQ pork sanmich...
MedicCook 06:49 PM 05-05-2009
Too small of a helping of chili. Still hungry.
livwire68 02:54 PM 05-06-2009
Last night Italian grilled quail, stuffing and some bacon, Parmesan corn. Tonight will be some Tandoori shrimp, tikka masala fish (that we caught a couple weeks ago), Raita sauce, flat bread, jasmine rice and I think I will get a bit of hummus for the heck of it.
Darrell 06:08 PM 05-06-2009
I am making braised lamb chops, mashed new potatoes, and peas ans carrots. :-)

Having a nice cab to drink with it and a Bolivar Legendarios afterwards. :-)
Bruzee 11:29 PM 05-06-2009
Pulled pork sandwich and homemade cole slaw. mmmmmm....
MedicCook 11:40 PM 05-06-2009
Homemade goulash & Italian bread.
Starscream 06:19 AM 05-07-2009
Turkey sub from Subway (12")
Cheddar Sun Chips
Bojangles biscuit
Starscream 08:39 PM 05-07-2009
Broiled garlic and spicy chicken
corn on the cob
Mr B 01:16 PM 05-08-2009
I whipped up a nice Chicken Stir-Fry w/ fresh veggies and put it over rice.
Steve 01:41 PM 05-08-2009
Sounds like homemade Chicken Enchiladas
ucla695 09:56 AM 05-09-2009
Grilled chicken, sausages and scalloped potatoes.
Kwilkinson 04:39 PM 05-10-2009
Tonight was gyros. God, Chicago is a great city to live in if you love gyros.
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