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AD720 06:41 PM 11-25-2008

Guys, I have a stinky manhole (garage). It's been getting colder and I have not been opening the door. Sue me.

I've been running one of these in the garage for the past week and it is fantastic. Basically this is an aerosol air freshener spray dispenser that you can hang on the wall (or sit somewhere). What is cool about it is the automatic spray feature you can set for 9, 18 or 36 minutes so even when you aren't around it will shoot out some good smell. If you do something particularly stinky you can also press the button for some on demand defunkafication. The folks over at Air Wick claim that a canister lasts 60 days on the 36 minute setting. I've been running mine on the 9 minute setting and it is pretty impressive. I have the "Fresh Water" scent and I am planning on going for the "Sparkling Citrus" next.

Price - around $12 for a kit, refills are about $6.

I give this one an A+.
hotreds 07:59 PM 11-25-2008
Thanks 4 the info! Worth a try!