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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Question for those who retrofitted furniture for humidor use
doctorcue 04:27 AM 11-09-2013
Hey all,

Wasn't able to specifically find any details on this so thought I would ask.

I am getting an old china hutch from my inlaws that I am converting into a humidor (with their blessing!). So I need to build out the interior of the display space to make suitable for cigar storage. I'll probably have to gut most of the top cabinet piece to replace with wood or spanish cedar (interior obviously housing the cedar). So hoping any BOTLs can help me out with the following questions:

- For the spanish cedar, when connecting multiple boards together, what material to use for this? Glue? Nails? Screws? Unsure as the cedar will expand & contract a bit; unsure which type of fastener will work best

- To seal up the interior, is there a preferred "low-odor" silicone or other sealer that you would recommend?

- For obtaining the Spanish cedar, is there a preferred online vendor? I'm sure all of these mills with online presences don't have dedicated web teams; so getting good details from web pages is tough. As a last resort I figured I could go to a local Woodcraft store, but I assume they will be pretty expensive.

Any help on this will be appreciated. I'll try to take pics of the process. The china hutch is old in style, but I like that, keeps some of that history with a modern (or should I say current) use. Should be fun!
T.G 07:29 AM 11-09-2013
Hey Danny, hope all is well, long time no talk, we've been missing you at the herfs bro.

I'm not really sure on the best way to do the joiners, but titebond II or III and some bar clamps does come to mind though.

Pretty much all silicone sealants are odor-free once they are fully cured. Aside from around the edge of the glass, would it even be necessary though? Once you have it re-lined, that should seal it. Plus, if it's a nice looking cabinet, I wouldn't want to see globs of silicone everywhere.

Try to see if there is a lumber yard in the area that carries SC. Or talk to your local lumber yard and see if they can order it for you, hopefully they won't have a large minimum requirement.
doctorcue 12:15 PM 11-09-2013
Hey Adam!

Yeah, definitely miss hanging out. Damn work schedule, makes it almost impossible to go to any events (especially during holiday season).

Thanks for the info, I'll check out (easy.... easy...) to see what I can locate. Probably won't need too much, the overall cabinet space isn't too big. I'm going for more of a bundle bin type of display. I don't want shelfs for boxes, I'd rather just have a bunch of bins to put a box worth of smokes in. Something like this but in a china cabinet:


Not nearly as elaborate though. Just about 3 shelfs with a bunch of bins. Then a bottom space to put boxes of other items (those extra special Gurks!!)

Yay project that will probably take months due to time restraints.