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goalie204 11:51 AM 12-08-2008
I'm pretty sure my humidor seals ok. I've done the flashlight test - pass

I've done the dollar bill test - pass (i think?) - THe bill comes out on one side a little easier than others, but still requires some tugging.

What can i do to ensure the seal is effective, what sort of modifications can i make to my humidor?
s15driftking 12:18 PM 12-08-2008
to test it.. tape wrap anywhere possible it could leak..i suggest using blue painters tape... i used scotch tape though... didn't hurt the finish.. but i was super careful


if its small enough you can do the trashbag test...

Note - if theres no glass on your humi you will need ot be quick with your "looking to see" skills!
goalie204 12:24 PM 12-08-2008
Well it is a very small humi, but i dont have a glass lid, so how can i test it this way?

I'm just wanting to make sure i have a good seal and i dont want to tape it then untape it everytime i want to get a cigar out :P
dunng 12:26 PM 12-08-2008
Opps... already covered my suggestion... :-)
goalie204 12:27 PM 12-08-2008
Originally Posted by dunng:
Use the flashlight test... put a flashlight in and turn off the room lights... see if there is light leaking... :-)
did it, no light
gettysburgfreak 04:51 PM 12-08-2008
Take some masking tape and put a thin strip around the outside lip of the sides and top fold over the tape that hangs over the cedar. Shut the humi and see if its tight when you shut it and is tight to open. Add more tape if necessary to ensure a tight seal.
goalie204 04:57 PM 12-08-2008
alright, thanks