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Rabidsquirrel 06:24 PM 11-30-2008
I'm looking for something to keep track of my cigars that'll run in Linux. Google has let me down so far, and I love a flashy GUI, so a spreadsheet doesn't fill my needs.

Anyone have something that fits the bill? I've tried Cigar Register and CigarBriefcase under WINE, and both don't work.
Rabidsquirrel 07:41 PM 12-04-2008
Little bump. I'd write the program myself if I knew how to.
markem 08:45 PM 12-04-2008
I suggest using the openoffice clone of excel
Rabidsquirrel 03:46 AM 12-05-2008
Hmm, the web front end sounds like something I can handle. I'll look into that.