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benotekaxa 03:49 AM 02-21-2019
Shoe a horse to disentangle oneself enough from the grip of day-to-day operations to "see the forest for the trees." Yet without a shared vision, the force of the status quo will prevail in an organization. A shared vision emerges from the intersection of personal visions and helps create a sense of commitment to the long term. However, there is more to a shared vision than just this amalgamation of personal visions. Vision is only truly shared when people are committed to one
The Poet 05:23 AM 02-21-2019
Can I get a lid of what you're smoking?
hotreds 06:34 AM 02-21-2019
Out in force these last few weeks! An electron and a proton may be combined to form an electrically neutral object, but their total spin is an integer and the combined object,
as a result, cannot be a fermion. If there were no neutrons, the question of whether the spin of a nucleus takes on integer or half-integer values would have to be determined
entirely by whether Z is even or odd. This is not found to be true in practice, and a model of the nucleus made of protons and electrons cannot be correct, as it violates
the fundamental relationship between spin and quantum statistics
CigarNut 07:07 AM 02-21-2019
At the least, these spammers could be more entertaining!
4WheelVFR 12:50 PM 02-21-2019
Phylogenetic reconstructions using a combination of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences calibrated with fossils to estimate ages of divergences suggests that the genus Lepomis diverged from the black bass in genus Micropterus, its sister taxon, about 25 million years ago. The deepest split among currently living species of Lepomis is dated to ~15 million years ago and separates genus Lepomis into two clades: clade I that leads to the modern bluegill, orange-spotted, green, and warmouth sunfish, and a clade II that includes the modern long-ear, red-breasted, pumpkinseed, redear, and red-spotted sunfish. The timing of this speciation event roughly corresponds with the Middle Miocene disruption that resulted in increased aridity on the plains of North America and a transition from savannah to grasslands, although the relevance of these environmental changes to the evolution of Lepomis is unclear.