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RevSmoke 03:12 PM 07-30-2020
Reveal and my review:

Santiago Cabana Robusto
Island Smoke Shop
(purchased 6/17)

1) Aesthetics: An elegant band with gold script on a burgundy background embraces this robusto. It is a nice example of the torcedorís art, with a slightly oily Connecticut wrapper,

2) Pre-light Construction: A firmly rolled, solid stick that allows a decent draw.

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: Remaining firm throughout, it gave off lots of medium-bodied smoke.

4a) Flavor and strength: This is a milder cigar, with nice flavors of nuts and nutmeg. One sample had a slight metallic tang that came and fled ephemerally.

5) Aftertaste/Finish: A medium finish fades quickly.

6) Aroma: Here I found hints of nuts.

7) General Comments: Another cigar that I first tried in the mid-1990s. It was a wonderful smoke then, creamy and nutty. This is not the same as that wonderful smoke from my memory. It is a nice cigar in its own right, but the memory is better than the new reality, this present incarnation. It isnít a bad cigar for all that.

8) Recommendation: Pick up a few to try.
RevSmoke 03:15 PM 07-30-2020
Conch Republican's Review:
Cigar labeled as #3 (since #2 is a Maduro - will work on that one tomorrow)

1) Aesthetics:
2) Pre-light Construction:

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked:? Easy light, smells like burning wood

4a) Flavor and strength – 1st 1/3: This is interesting, and not sure if it is good or bad...I can't place the flavors...kind of like hot (almost burnt) sugar/cotton candy; still in the 1st 1/3...definitely cotton candy-ish on the retro; Good burn, a little uneven but should settle in.

4b) Flavor and strength – 2nd 1/3:Started the 2nd 1/3...a flavor like hay or burnt hay in the back of the throat. After purge, smokey flavor - like kindling burning on the retro...still a decent burn, good construction.

4c) Flavor and strength – Last 1/3:Last 1/3, a little more ammonia

5) Aftertaste/Finish: Not the best cigar for my tastes, fairly strong after taste...not that it is bad - just not for me. I would score this a 3.5 but I still recommend people try every cigar they can - since everyone has different taste buds (and I have like 3)

6) Aroma:
7) General Comments:
8) Recommendation:
RevSmoke 03:17 PM 07-30-2020
Dafu's Review:
Smoked cigar #3 on the deck after supper with a pour of Four Roses Small Batch.

1) Aesthetics: Robusto sized medium brown and silky smooth. Looks good.
Score for aesthetics: 4

2) Pre-light Construction: Nicely rolled, maybe a little spongy. Not much of a cold aroma.
Score for Pre-light construction: 3.5

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: Cigar smoked well, plenty of smoke with white ash. No relights necessary. A little hot at the end.
Score for post-light construction: 4

4a) Flavor and strength – 1st 1/3: Started out mild with slightly sweet floral notes on the retrohale.
4b) Flavor and strength – 2nd 1/3: Picked up a little strength with hay replacing the floral notes. Full medium bodied now.
4c) Flavor and strength – Last 1/3: Some of the sweet floral notes returning with some spicyness. Not quite a nubber but pleasant enough. Guessing Dominican and/or Nicaraguan blend.
Score for flavor and strength: 3.5

5) Aftertaste/Finish: Probably the favorite aspect of the smoke. Particularly the sweet floral and creamy notes. A little milder in flavor than what I usually smoke but OK for a change of pace.
Score for aftertaste: 4

6) Aroma: Light floral aroma to my senses. Not offensive in any way.
Score for aroma: 4

7) General Comments: Paired this cigar with a pour of Four Roses Small Batch and it complemented the sweet floral nose of the bourbon. I did enjoy it but probably not a cigar I would purchase. Maybe because I've been smoking 99% Habanos for awhile.
Overall score for the cigar: 3.5

8) Recommendation: I'd recommend this cigar if you're looking for a light but flavorful NC.