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gomeitsmybday 12:06 PM 02-23-2020

Isabela Firecracker - (4x42 for reference)

Okay so, I was prepared to be critical of this little guy, as I've read a lot of hype about Isabela. There is a cigar review blogger that seems to have similar preferences to me and he raves about this brand (I should mention he is also sponsored by this brand, at least in the past anyway) so I felt I needed to see for myself.

Okay so first up, a disclaimer; this brand has sweetened tips on all their cigars but for the Firecracker, it was barely there and completely unnoticeable after the first 2-3 puffs. There was a slightly tight draw but completely doable. The body on this cigar would probably register to some as full, but for my personal opinion, I'd say it's primarily medium-full. Cigar burned completely even the entire length and required zero, I repeat, zero touch ups.

Heeeere we go! Okay it started off with one of the most unique profiles I've tasted to date, I could swear I tasted a faint green apple note, totally bizarre but it was there! This note kind of comes and goes in the first 1/3, with some other slight floral-fruity notes with black and white pepper going back and forth.

2/3 the way pepper completely disappeared and now a lot of rich creamy dulce de Leche and cocoa notes. As it grew closer to the final 3/3 the pepper would curiously returns with every other puff which was really quite intriguing.

Finally entering 3/3 the pepper fully returns and it is SPICY, at times like a chipotle pepper and others like a crisp vegetal green pepper note with black pepper, all the while a rich and decadent note of honey lies beneath. Getting closer to the nub, the spiciness grows a bit more faint and lots of almond, cereal and malt type notes dominate the profile. By smoking patiently and slowly, I was able to smoke this one down to the nub with the cigar and smoke staying quite cool despite the smaller size!

Okay so upon completion, while forgetting to clock exactly when I lit the cigar, this smoke definitely lasted at *least* an hour if not more like 70-75 minutes which is quite impressive considering the size!! All in all, I really have to say that this was a truly enjoyable experience. I'm also happy to report that I have another firecracker that came with an Isabela sampler box (Isabela tossed 2 firecrackers in for free with the box sampler) left over, and I am very excited to try all of the other cigars in the sampler!! I would without a doubt recommend this cigar to others here at the asylum, both to newbies and experienced smokers alike. Hope you've enjoyed this review! :-)
icehog3 06:16 PM 02-23-2020
Great review, Michael, thanks! :-)
Chainsaw13 08:02 PM 02-23-2020
Excellent review. :-)
gomeitsmybday 08:44 PM 02-23-2020
Thanks guys! Happy to hear you enjoyed the read...I'm really looking forward to trying some of the other Isabela cigars in the sampler, so I'll try to write out reviews for them as well once I get to them!
icehog3 10:17 PM 02-23-2020
Looking forward to it! :-)
Ashcan Bill 08:49 AM 02-24-2020
Solid review! :-)
Wharf Rat 01:00 PM 02-24-2020
Thanks for a great review! I can’t decide about Isabela. There’re very well constructed but the flavor is unique. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

BTW, you forgot to mention if you reamed it out with the hallowed cigar drill. ��
gomeitsmybday 04:40 PM 02-24-2020
Originally Posted by Wharf Rat:
Thanks for a great review! I canít decide about Isabela. Thereíre very well constructed but the flavor is unique. I canít decide if I like it or not.

BTW, you forgot to mention if you reamed it out with the hallowed cigar drill. ��
As a matter of fact, full disclosure, at one point I did unsheathe the perfecdraw as I felt, for my preference, a slightly easier draw would have been nice - but when I put the tool right up to the cap, I realized just how narrow of a gauge the firecracker is and just how tightly rolled it seemed to be. So luckily I decided against it, as I'm pretty sure that would have almost certainly cracked the wrapper. In the end it was definitely the right decision I think because the draw never became so tight that it became an issue.

As for the profile, I totally agree with you, especially the first 1/3 of the cigar, probably among the most unique profiles I've tasted to date. The rest of the cigar was more recognizable tastes but imo done very well. Plus it had some of the most noticeable transitions I've smoked as far as complexity is concerned. Can't wait to try some of the other cigars in the sampler!!