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acarr 12:58 PM 11-07-2008
I picked up a Vinotemp 28 bottle cooler about 3 weeks ago and put a glass of distilled water in it. The water moved the rh up to about 68% and I added one box at a time and it is now about full. The drain has not been plugged and it holds perfectly at 68% with nothing but a glass of water for 3 weeks. I live in a dry climate and it may just be the ambient rh that keeps it perfect but is there really any need to put the two pounds of beads I have in there if it holds perfectly where I want it?
Mugen910 01:00 PM 11-07-2008
As long as you can keep it at the RH you want I'm sure it's fine.. The whole purpose of RH devices is such to assist in controlling the RH.

Just be neurotic about watching the RH and Temp like the rest of us and you'll be fine. :-)
acarr 01:03 PM 11-07-2008
Sounds good to me. I watch it like a hawk and there are 3 digital hygrometers in there on the top middle and bottom. The one on the bottom reads 67 the other two 68. I like the rh kind of right in between the 65 and 70 so it seems to be doing the job. I didn't even put a fan in the thing:-)
gettysburgfreak 01:45 PM 11-07-2008
I dont have a fan in mine either, right now only 1% difference in RH from the bottom to the top.