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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Clay Vs. Silicone Beads
acarr 04:03 PM 10-21-2008
Is there a difference in the beads that Shilala sells and the type that Heartfelt sells? I have a pound of both but Shilala's says they are made of clay and Heartfelt says they are made of silicone. Is this just the wording they use or something else?
shilala 07:34 PM 10-25-2008
My HCM beads are made of clay and Viper's beads are made of silica gel, not silicone.
I also have untreated grade one silica gel beads and I use them in special applications where they work better. The small size of the HCM beads kind of limits thier use in some situations.
The untreated silica gel beads work fabulously, and would be an excellent choice, but the HCM beads work far better. It just doesn't make sense to offer two things so I stopped offering the HCS beads. Don't know if I'll get more in the future or not.
The HCS beads like the HCM beads can be set at any RH%age and changed at any time. Makes them nice to use. :-)
acarr 08:37 AM 10-26-2008
Great thanks!