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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Smoke eater for sunroom
MTB996 09:53 PM 01-30-2016
Hey folks,
I just enclosed my porch, it's about 350 sq ft with a vaulted ceiling. I'm looking to get a smoke eater to allow me to smoke in there without making it look like a Cheech and Chong movie. Any recommendations to enable me to keep the windows closed to keep the heat in?
OnePyroTec 11:48 PM 01-30-2016
"My" suggestion would be one of these:

They have plenty of videos on YouTube and every now and then you can get demo models from them off Ebay at a good discounted price.
Wharf Rat 07:34 AM 01-31-2016
That's a rather large volume to try and handle with a portable floor mounted unit. Don't know your budget, but one possibility would be a heat recovery ventilator. These pull air from the outside and also heat the air with the outgoing air.
Buckeye Jack 11:43 AM 01-31-2016
I have used traditional Bathroom/Kitchen exhausts in the two smoke rooms I have finished and they work perfect. You can pick them up at any Lowes/Home Depot. Make sure you get one rated at or higher than the cubic sq footage you are looking to move. Vent them straight out the side of the room with flex tubing and affix a dryer vent on the outside.

Easy as can be.
dmiller662 08:26 AM 02-02-2016
im in the same predicament right now.. enclosing a room to enjoy my cigars... I have been looking for a good unit to use.. I don't have a budget per say, I just want to make sure it removes smoke cleanly and efficient. Have been looking at ceiling mounted units, but my worry is they will start to get that tarnished smoking look to them..
MTB996 10:24 AM 02-08-2016
I ended up getting a Smoke Stomper from Get the Smoke Out. Its a decent unit, works well. Nothing is going to be able to handle 3-4 people smoking while watching the game with the windows closed, but when its just me, I think it does a great job. Not that quiet, but much quieter than the big commercial units.
dmiller662 11:14 AM 02-08-2016
ive had some references to a "rabbit" or something.... one of the local cigar places has one in their lounge rooms as well, but they have other things too, so not sure how well it works on its own..