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JenksAnejo 03:55 PM 01-31-2016
Hey guys,

I have an MXT+ Aristocrat humidor, I have 2 reservoirs at the bottom of the humidor.. The fans similar to computer fans installed in the top..

Well, only one of the reservoirs turn on and the fans at the top never seem to come on.

I'm a noob when it comes to dealing with a setup like this..

Has anyone had this issue, or are the reservoirs only supposed to come on one at a time?

It seems like I have only one reservoir that has a "hot" connection.. if that one runs out of water, the alarm goes off and I have to disconnect it, and plug the other one in to that particular connection.

I pulled out the instructions and didn't really find any help with troubleshooting the fans/reservoirs.. any tips would be appreciated..

pnoon 04:26 PM 01-31-2016
Honestly, I would give Bob Staebell a call. As you know, he's great to work with and will help you out.
JenksAnejo 05:57 PM 01-31-2016
Thanks Peter, I figured that was probably the best option.. was hoping someone on here had experienced it and it was a simple fix.
icehog3 09:08 PM 01-31-2016
I've had a couple minor issues over the years, and Bob always was quick to help, Jarrod.
JenksAnejo 06:38 PM 02-01-2016
Thanks fellas, contacted Bob.. I'll pop back in and let everyone know what the issue was.
dmiller662 07:35 AM 02-02-2016
Bobs a great guy... I like to stop by the shop just to smell all the cedar, lol..

Its funny, just talked to him yesterday, Most people Upsize on a humidor, I am looking to have to downsize.... I have a nice cabinet from Bob now, and we are in discussions to built a inwall unit that is T&H.. Trying to get all the specifications to work in the space I want to do it in...

He is definitely the guy to go to on a nice Humidor... Here is my current one, with Burlwood inlays
JenksAnejo 01:20 PM 02-02-2016
Of course I got a prompt response from Bob who is making a new Y-connector for the humidor. Top knotch customer service!
dmiller662 11:48 PM 02-02-2016
He is great to deal with.. Im lucky to be local, easy to drop by on occasion