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Accessory Discussion / Reviews>Next best thing to an Aristocrat?
dmiller662 07:58 AM 02-02-2016
Finding a nice T and H cabinet humidor for that price is and would be I would say impossible..

I have a Aristocrat cabinet, about 5 yrs. old, and is Humidity only, and close to 5K in it... and am in current discussions with Bob over at Aristocrat to build a Inwall unit that is both T and H controlled.. The price gets up there... You can could on doubling the cost from a humidity unit to a T and H unit... The biggest issue being a T controlled unit, will have to have insulated walls, and the TE units like a EIC can cost over $1k by itself and up.. So it adds up quickly on a build.

Ive never had a issue with mine, stays about 68.2 on the H, and T stays 70-71, only reason on doing a T on my new one, is im in the middle of a remodel, and im enclosing in the patio area, and sun will come into play in that area, as just installed a 4 pane glass door, and even though I will be using that room as a place to enjoy my stogies, I don't want to take chance of temp being not up to par in the room. I will be installing a split system in the room, but outside doors will be open/closed all the time to smoke...

a portable unit ac unit, is not so portable really, you still have to have it vented to the outside, so unless you can do this, I don't see that as a reliable option for you either.

Maybe look into a Whynter unit... Don't know much about them, but will be into your price range.. You can look at AJMadison, they carry then.. I also have a Liebherr unit, but they are very expensive ($3k), and don't hold all that much, hence is why I had Bob built me a cabinet...

Good luck on your search.
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