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Mr.Erskine 05:26 PM 11-10-2015
So, several years ago, my wife got me some shadow box frames and some backing so that I could preserve some of my favorite cigar bands. Consequently, I put up the cigar bands that I had saved, at the time, and they represent some of the first cigars I ever had. :-)

Truly, the bands from the very first cigars that I had are long gone, but these represent the time when I was first really getting into the cigar culture. The frames were never put up because of moves, space, or other reasons, but my wife finally was able to put them up in my study, (which is under construction). I think they look kinda cool--so I thought I'd share them with you. :-)
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Remo 05:28 PM 11-10-2015
Nice! Good man cave decor :-)
CigarNut 05:33 PM 11-10-2015
Very cool!
icehog3 07:59 PM 11-10-2015
Cool stuff, Benjamin. :-)
MarkinOR 08:30 PM 11-10-2015
I like it Benjamin. Great conversation pieces:-)
Ogre 08:44 PM 11-10-2015
Vary cool
Porch Dweller 09:49 PM 11-10-2015
That's pretty cool, I'm filing it away for use in my man cave.
Weelok 11:27 PM 11-10-2015
Good memories
Mr.Erskine 04:59 AM 11-11-2015

As I said, it was supposed to house my favs, but I kinda like it as a piece that shows where I started.... Even though there are a couple on there that could leave one a little red-faced... :-)