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stevef2005 12:41 PM 09-07-2015
So I have a pair of lighters that worked great for the past couple of years. They are made by Quality Importers I believe and they recently have stopped working unless they are on the highest fuel level. When they light though they still operate at the top fuel level and I can light my cigars from 6-8 inches away. Does anyone have any ideas why they will not light at the lower levels. I can still see a spark when I hit the igniter but nothing lights.

My main issue with them is that they burn through butane like crazy and generally I have to refill it after 1-2 cigars. I used to be able to go a week or two without a refuel easily. There is nothing more aggravating that needing to do a touch up and the lighter is out of fuel.

I have completely emptied the fuel reservoirs on both though thinking that maybe some air was trapped in the reservoir. This solves other issues with them not staying lite but it does not help the lighting when using a lower fuel discharge level.

I am thinking that maybe where the fuel is dispensed it is a bit dirty. Is there a way to clean that area without damaging the lighter??
Wharf Rat 01:28 PM 09-07-2015
Valve wearing out? Clogged somehow? I'd try drenching it in carb cleaner. (And letting it dry good before trying to light it.)
dijit 02:01 PM 09-07-2015
Drain it completely next time it runs out. Open the valve all the way when you fill then light it and turn the valve down to a reasonable level. That may help clean the valves a little but I am inclined to believe the valves are probably wearing out.
stevef2005 04:26 PM 09-07-2015
Ya. What I am guessing as well. Been eyeballing a few Jet Line lighters on CI. May pick one up and then see what I can do about these other two.