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afranco 05:51 PM 08-06-2015
Hello folks i have a 281E new air, wineador, 2lbs heartfelt beads. I have the wineador powered up. My problem is that at the the tope of fridge its holding steady 64, and the bottom 73. The hygrometers are fairly new and have been re calibrated. I live in south texas if it helps any. Your thoughts Nd advice are much appreciated, thanks.
Wharf Rat 06:20 PM 08-06-2015
First, I'd suggest swapping the hygrometers with each other to make sure you see the same problem.

My first guess for the change in RH is that the active cooling in your box causes a change in temperature near the thermoelectric unit. This would, in turn, cause a change of RH. Do you have a little fan in there?
afranco 06:29 PM 08-06-2015
BOB, thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that i switched them from top to bottom Nd got the same readings. ( top 65 bottom 63) the only fAn i have is the the built in fan inside fridge.
badbriar 07:06 PM 08-06-2015
64/73 is a lot, but 65/63 not so much. I have a 20 bottle wineador and also get about a 2-3% difference, but that does not make much difference. At all Try shifting the beads and see if that helps. Also, try moving your trays around. That worked for me very well. Good luck.
shilala 08:26 PM 08-06-2015
Is it 65/63 or 64/73?
Doesn't matter anyways.
You have your cigars boxes and stuff all jammed up against the walls and it's constricting air flow. The thing needs room to breathe.
Remember, these are wine coolers, they aren't cigar coolers. We just re-purpose them.

Regardless of what our desires are, refrigeration requires it's own principles.
One very basic one is that airflow be maintained.
For instance, you can't jam stuff all the way against the back wall of your fridge. The shelves end short and generally have a ledge.
That's what they refer to as idiot-proofing.

When we build out wine coolers, a lot of times we bypass many years of idiot-proofing and make problems.
Make sure you have at least an inch of space in the back of the unit that is completely unobstructed by shelves or boxes and you'll be good to go. :-)
afranco 09:51 PM 08-06-2015
Thanks for the advice gents. I re-arranged shelves (rob)..and (scott) i pulled shelves back from wall and took boxes out. It did the trick. Again thanks !
AdamJoshua 12:27 AM 08-07-2015
When I had a winador I used one of those little Oust fans to circulate their air, eventually I learned to trust the beads and just uplugged the unit, I didn't need the cooling function where I was, but I'll guess where you are the cooling is a benefit.
shilala 09:16 AM 08-07-2015
Shut up, Adam. It's fixed.
afranco 09:39 AM 08-07-2015
Morning guys, the wineador is looking good. On top its reading 64 and the bottom 67. Much better. I may have to invest in an oust fan if the humidity starts to change. Again thanks much for the info. (SCOTT,ROB,BOB,ADAM)