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View Poll Results: How do you do your Holiday main dish?
Fried Turkey 11 15.71%
Traditional Turkey 36 51.43%
Smoked Turkey 11 15.71%
Brined Turkey 3 4.29%
Other meats 9 12.86%
Voters: 70. You may not vote on this poll
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Good Eats>Poll: Holiday food
kaisersozei 11:38 AM 10-31-2008
Originally Posted by Opusfxd:
I prefer smoked, I'd love to try brined and fried but I usually end up with my mom's roasted, overcooked version. She hasn't yet figured out to this day how to reverse engineer a cooking schedule or learned what hold time is. I'm trying.
:-) Sounds like my mom. Have her brine, then roast it. Ought to help with maintaining some moisture.

We used to alternate frying & smoking each year, and everyone prefers the fried bird hands down.

That is, until we discovered Emeril's Turkey Bone Gumbo recipe. It's become my signature dish for the weekend after Thanksgiving, and is probably a bigger highlight than the main meal. Definitely a new family tradition. Fried/smoked turkey makes horrible stock, so it's now back to roasting that turkey every year.:-)
hoax 11:58 AM 10-31-2008
I like the small Cornish Game Hens roasted with lots of rosemary.

Each person gets their own.
Mikey202 12:06 PM 10-31-2008
Also, if you put an apple or an onion, or both inside the turkey when you cook it, it makes it real moist. I always cook my stuffing by it's self. Plus I always use those cooking bags, too.
jledou 12:42 PM 10-31-2008
It will be a traditional with pretty much no flavoring at the parents this year. I will make a somewhat traditional one at home but it is heavily seasoned with a good rub and baked with about 2-4 oranges, halved and sitting in the pan around it.
Prozac_Puros 01:01 PM 10-31-2008
Old School....Traditional Turkey
Volt 01:18 PM 10-31-2008
Can't say I'm a Turkey fan. I usually do lasgana for Thanksgiving :-)

PS - While listening to Alice's Resturant..... For you young pups, get a copy.
68TriShield 02:59 PM 10-31-2008
I tolerate Turkey for the family.Chicken would be fine by me :-)
We've done fried and roast not brine though.

Now we have cooked a whole Beef Tenderloin before.Talk about :-)
Skywalker 03:49 PM 10-31-2008
I will say smoked but it's in my BBQ!!! Usually takes an hour less than the oven!!! And tastes so much better!!!
Shadow 10:18 AM 11-02-2008
We're doing a Turducken again this year with shrimp and sausage stuffing.:-):-):-):-)
Old Sailor 10:43 PM 11-04-2008
I do my bird the traditional way, as taught to me by Mom, with all the trimings. Usually do a 28lb turkey, 10lb bag of potatoes that get mashed, and do I have a great time doing it.:-)
Darrell 11:15 PM 11-04-2008
We usually do a brine turkey, but this year I am trying my hand at a smoked turkey. :-)
landhoney 05:50 AM 11-05-2008
I brine and smoke. Last year was my first and the family has "requested" :-) that it become a tradition. They actually have threatened my life if said turkey is not provided. We will continue to have a traditional oven baked turkey along side of mine.
My favorite turkey though is at my wife's family reunion. Its over a weekend and the whole family participates in making apple butter. Peeling 30 bushels of apples and slicing, cooking in 30 gallon copper kettle over open wood fire for 12-14 hours, and then jarring. Anyway, they cook 5 huge turkeys on a rotisserie over an open maple wood fire. The rotisserie is 6-7 feet long. The brine in just apple cider; then salt, pepper, lemon, and orange on the outside and inside cavity. In the words of Newan, "Its the wood that makes it good." I'll try to post a pic.
Mr. Ed 05:01 PM 11-05-2008
fried turkey sounds mmm mmm good. :-)
gabebdog1 06:14 PM 11-05-2008
have never had the chance to try fried turkey so went with the standard
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