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pnoon 01:00 AM 04-15-2012
Cigar Asylum is a diverse community of cigar lovers the world over. In order to keep this place running smoothly and ensure that everyone here has a chance to enjoy the community to its fullest, we ask that you adhere to the following rules. Most of these rules are common to other cigar forums, have been developed over a number of years, and should be familiar and easy to follow. This current version of the rules (effective 4/15/2012) is a recodification and clarification of our longstanding former rules (available here for historical reference) and supersedes and replaces the former rules for all purposes going forward. Respect your fellow member, follow these simple rules, and you’ll be rewarded with a welcoming, enjoyable place to visit like no other on the web.

1. Zero Tolerance (violators may be banned immediately)

Cigar Asylum has zero tolerance for any posts containing:
2. Cuban Cigars

As a general rule, Cuban cigars produced after 1962 are illegal to import, buy, sell, trade, and/or gift in the United States. Therefore, please do not make any threads or posts asking about, discussing, or even hinting (e.g. using initials, sounds like, first names, etc.) about:Additionally, do not PM other members for information about any of the above. Doing so may be viewed as spam and dealt with accordingly.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a country in which Cuban cigars are legal, then you’re the envy of many here! However, since we are a United States-based forum, we ask that you nevertheless follow the rules laid about above.

3. Off-Limit Topics

Additionally, please do not make any threads or posts:4. Multiple Usernames

Multiple usernames will not be allowed. If you sign up with a second username, we will merge your second username, along with its posts, into your original username. Using an alternate username to circumvent a temporary or permanent ban will be cause for a permanent ban to both usernames.

5. Courtesy

Have fun here while practicing respect and tolerance toward others. We ask nothing more than common courtesy by every member here toward every other member here in every interaction. And this holds especially true when interacting with the newer members--remember, we were all new to cigars and forums at one time or another, so cut the new guys some slack and guide them along rather than bash them down.

6. No Intra-Board Posting By Retailers/Distributors

If you are a retailer or distributor of cigars or cigar-related items, please do not advertise your items in rooms other than the dedicated retailer rooms.

Any post or thread found violating these rules is subject to deletion.

Additionally, choosing not to follow these rules and guidelines may result in the loss of your access to certain areas of Cigar Asylum and, potentially, the loss of your entire membership.

If you have any questions or would like to report a post as being in violation of the rules, click on the icon resembling a yield sign on the lower left of the applicable post. If your question or concern doesn't have to do with any particular post, you can also send a message to all of the admins here.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you around the forums,

-The admin team
croatan 01:00 AM 05-26-2011
You are welcome and we invite you to post your original reviews and articles on Cigar Asylum; however, if you do so, you must post the text in its entirety. Any threads or posts consisting of teaser or incomplete text and a link to your site are subject to deletion. You are welcome to have a link in your signature to your site; as a matter of courtesy, if you do so, we'd appreciate (but won't require) a link back to Cigar Asylum as well.

We didn't want to have to add this to the forum rules, but due to the continued and increasing frequency of bloggers and other site owners using Cigar Asylum as nothing more than a vehicle to drive traffic to their sites without contributing anything to the membership here, what has been more or less an unwritten rule on internet forums for a long time must now be codified here.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.